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Attorneys Corrie Yackulic and Emily Harris spoke with Seattle news reporters
regarding why their lawsuit - and other lawsuits - against Seattle Children's Hospital regarding serious mold injury should not be bundled in a class action.

December 2, 2019:

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Seattle attorney Corrie Yackulic represents clients with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in lawsuits against Monsanto, the maker of the weedkiller Roundup. Studies show a connection between glyphosate - a key ingredient in Roundup products - and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma

February 20, 2019:

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Corrie Yackulic In The News:
KIRO TV: "Exploding E-Cigarettes"
July 24, 2019

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Corrie has been selected as a Fellow to the prestigious American College of Trial Lawyers, one of the premier legal associations in North America.
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Lawsuit successfully filed on behalf of family of youngest victim in fatal Seattle Ride the Ducks crash by attorneys Corrie Yackulic and John W Phillips.

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Presentation to The Colorado Trial Lawyers Annual Convention
“10 Tips from a Trial Lawyer Who Was Not Born to Be One”

August 6, 2015


Presentation to WSAJ Annual Convention
“10 Dots Every PI practitioner should Connect before Handling a Product Liability Case”

July 25, 2015


Presentation to The Colorado Trial Lawyers Annual Convention
“10 Tips from a Trial Lawyer Who Was Not Born to Be One”

August 6, 2015


Women Sound Alarm over Treatments for Common Urinary Issue
May 17, 2013,


New photos show extensive damage to MV Walla Walla
November 9, 2012, KING-TV, Seattle-Tacoma, WA


Builder agrees to $2.4M settlement with 850 Redmond Ridge homeowners
January 13, 2012, KING-TV


Pain Pump Lawsuit
July 1, 2011, KING-TV, Seattle-Tacoma, WA


Vietnamese American family gets more than $500,000 from the death of son and brother
December 2, 2010, Northwest Asian Weekly


3 broken legs, $1.8 million: Woman settles with King Co. Access bus firms
September 29, 2010, Seattle Times


Woman who broke legs in Metro Access van accidents gets $1.8 million
October 4, 2010, Seattle PI


$2M settlement awarded to woman hurt while riding Metro bus
September 22, 2010, KING 5 News


Top-selling birth control pill in U.S.: Miracle drug or poison pill?
June 28, 2010,


Families Win Suit Over Tainted Water
August 4, 1999, Seattle Times


From United Parcel Sue For Injuries
September 19, 1996, Seattle Times


Forest Service Ordered To Halt Firewood Sales
June 4, 1990, Seattle Times

Oso Landslide lawsuits settle for $70+ million

Lead Attorney Corrie Yackulic In the News  

A second 8-figure settlement in the deadly Oso Landslide resolves all actions. Attorney Corrie Yackulic instrumental in this second settlement, bringing the total in the two settlements to $71.5 million. Click here to read the story, and Corrie's quote.
July 22, 2018, Everett Herald


Families reach $60 million in landslide settlements
February 13, 2018, AP News


Families agree to $60 million in Oso landslide settlements
October 11, 2016, USA Today


State, logging company settle for $60 million in Oso landslide suit
October 10, 2016, KOMO


$60M Total Reached In Settlements For Oso Landslide Survivors
October 10, 2016, CBS Seattle


State reaches $50M settlement in Oso landslide suit
October 10, 2016, Seattle Times


Settlements Reached in Lawsuit Over 2014 Mudslide in Oso, Wash.
October 10, 2016, Wall Street Journal


Families reach $60 million in Washington landslide settlements
October 10, 2016, Fox News


How Oso Changed Logging in the State
March 19, 2015, Seattle Times


A Year After the Oso Slide, the Legal Battle Continues
March 15, 2015, Everett Herald


Oso Landslide families file wrongful death, damage claims
June 10, 2014, NBC News


More Oso Landslide Claims filed, Attorney Corrie Yackulic
June 10, 2014, Everett Herald


42 people died in Oso Landslide; Attorney Corrie Yackulic
June 10, 2014, Daily Mail


15 new mudslide claims against Washington, county
June 10, 2014, KLXY TV Spokane


New Mudslide Claims
June 09, 2014, Kitsap Sun


First Damage Claims filed - Everett Herald Breaking Story
April 18, 2014, The Herald of Everett


More OSO mudslide damage claims brought against County and State - Attorney Corrie Yackulic
May 15, 2014, The Herald of Everett


Attorney Corrie Yackulic Files Claim in 530 Mudslide
April 20, 2014, KOMO TV News


Attorney Corrie Yackulic files first mudslide claim
April 19, 2014, The Seattle Times


Representing mudslide victims, Seattle attorney Corrie Yackulic
April 30, 2014, The Herald of Everett


Damage claims filed by Seattle attorney Corrie Yackulic in Mudslide Disaster
April 21, 2014, Reuters


Claims filed in Oso, Washington mudslide disaster
April 20, 2014,


First Mudslide Claims
The Seattle Times, April 19, 2014


Seattle attorney Corrie Yackulic files claim against Snohomish County in wake of disaster
April 19, 2014, The Spokesman-Review


Questions about Building in Nature's Danger Zones
April 22, 2014, National Geographic


Corrie Yackulic: "Trying to get answers"
April 21, 2014, Oregon Herald


Seattle attorney files claim on behalf of widow
April 19, 2014, KOIN 6


Washington Mudslide (2014)
April-May 2014, The Morning Call


Widow files claim
April 18, 2014, NBC Right Now


Attorney Corrie Yackulic files claims
April 21, 2014, KAPP TV - KREM TV


Seattle attorney files legal claim
April 18, 2014, ABC Montana


Widow files claim
April 18, 2014, KHQ TV


Widow files legal claim - Seattle attorney Corrie Yackulic
April 21, 2014, Everett Herald