Environmental Torts

Oso Landslide, March 22, 2014

Environmental Torts


It would be hard to find an Seattle attorney who has more experience—and success—with environmental torts in the Pacific Northwest than Corrie Yackulic.

Whether the case involves toxic dumping, groundwater contamination, corporate polluting, or catastrophic environmental disaster—as the 2014 Oso Landslide was—attorney Corrie Yackulic has the environmental tort experience needed to fight for you.

Corrie was highlighted in 2017 SuperLawyers magazine as one of the lead litigators leading to a $60-million dollar settlement in the Oso Landslide cases in October, 2016.

The nation’s deadliest landslide killed 43 people, left survivors and loved ones forever impacted, and forced new State regulations regarding logging in landslide-prone areas. Most of the plaintiffs involved in the 2016 settlement were represented by Corrie Yackulic Law.

The State of Washington and a timber company that logged the area above the deadly collapse agreed to one of the largest settlements in Washington history.

To read more about the Oso Landslide, and the $71.5 million dollar settlement, click here.

Other important Environmental Torts successes

  • Contaminated groundwater, the result of improper, historical dumping of toxic matter, caused serious health related issues in a Washington community. Corrie Yackulic filed a class action on behalf of property owners who were negatively affected and held the polluter, a railroad, accountable in a confidential settlement paid by the polluter.

  • In a different matter, a large jury verdict in addition to a confidential settlement with a local-regional water company was achieved by Corrie Yackulic. The water, contaminated by corroded plumbing which transferred the contaminated water into homes, was harmful to the water company’s customers.

$60 million dollar settlement for plaintiffs in the Oso Landslide. Corrie was a Lead Attorney in the case, which settled moments before opening statements in trial were to begin.

$2.2 million class action settlement for residents of a mobile home park built on an old municipal landfill and sited next to an active landfill with uncontrolled methane gas emissions

Seven-figure confidential settlement on behalf of local property owner against railroad for property damage and loss of business income due to contamination of groundwater in community from historical dumping practices

$3.8 million settlement with the State of Washington on behalf of trades workers who were paid less than other trades workers doing same work

Confidential settlement in addition to a $545,000 jury verdict against two water companies that supplied water that corroded homeowners' copper plumbing and contaminated their drinking water

$600,000 jury verdict on behalf of 59 households supplied with contaminated and erratically chlorinated tap water

If you, and others in your community, believe you are victims of a community wide hazard, contact Corrie Yackuklic Law at (206) 787-1915 for a free, no-obligation consultation. These cases are complex. Choose an attorney that is proven and experienced.