Construction / Jobsite Injury /
Occupational Disease

Working on construction sites has become increasingly dangerous—and deadly. Though construction workers make up only about 6% of the country’s workforce, 20% of all injuries in the workplace occur on construction sites, and that percentage is growing.

Washington is a workman’s comp state, meaning that lawsuits against your employer are barred. However, if a workplace injury or occupational disease was caused by a defective product, a defective machine or a negligent party who is not a co-worker, this "third party" may be required to pay for the injured worker's medical treatment, loss of wages, and other claim expenses. These legal claims are referred to as Third Party claims.

Examples of Third Party claims include:

  • The driver of the car that hit a worker (not an employee of the worker's company)
  • The manufacturer of a defective product that injured or cause the death of a worker
  • A property owner who failed to properly maintain a safe workplace 
  • A fall that was not the employer, employee, or co-worker's fault 
  • Another contractor on the job site whose negligence caused the worker's injury or death 

Falls are the most common cause of serious injury on construction sites, and one of the most preventable, providing proper safety procedures are in place. Asbestos or solvents that cause disease or lung damage, noise that causes deafness, and injury or death from negligent operation of cranes, forklifts, trucks and other motor vehicles are also culprits. Nail guns, logging machines, conveyors—if negligently operated—can be catastrophic. 

Hazards to non-workers can be equally devastating. Visitors allowed or invited onto the worksite, without proper safety instruction or protection, can be especially vulnerable. Safety boundaries, such as temporary fencing or cones, may be inadequate or give a false notion of a safely defined area.

Seattle attorney Corrie Yackulic has secured significant compensation on behalf of many workers who were seriously injured, or on behalf of families whose loved one lost their life on an unsafe job site.

Contact a Seattle attorney experienced in construction site injury or death.  

$2.25 Million settlement negotiated by attorney Corrie Yackulic on behalf of a carpenter who fell and permanently damaged his spinal cord when a makeshift scaffold collapsed on a residential construction site.

$1.56 million jury verdict for a carpenter who fell down an elevator shaft, causing bilateral heel bone fractures and compression fractures in his lower back, when a barrier across the shaft opening gave way 

$1 million settlement on behalf of a carpenter who fell when scaffolding collapsed causing head and back injuries

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