Dangerous and
Defective Products

Dangerous and Defective Products

Millions of defective and dangerous products enter the stream of commerce and are sold in the United States each year—medical devices and drugs, cars, bicycles, appliances, tools, baby items, toys and countless other products. Most receive scant government scrutiny before being sold to consumers. 

Manufacturers sometimes rush products to market before testing them properly, seeking an advantage against their competitors. This is particularly true with medical devices, hip and knee prostheses, and pharmaceuticals. Sometimes the products made and sold by corporations and pharmaceuticals are not approved for uses anticipated by federal regulators. When products are defective—because they are poorly designed, because errors are made in their manufacture, or because they come without good warnings and instructions—they can cause great harm. Washington’s Product Liability Act, RCW 7.72, makes product manufacturers and sellers accountable for injuries caused by their defective or dangerous products.

Corrie Yackulic represents Northwest clients with serious injury or wrongful death claims arising from dangerous and defective products. 


  • J&J Talcum Powder Recall
    Asbestos found in some bottles of
    Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder.
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Corrie has brought claims on behalf of her clients against the makers of pharmaceuticals, dangerous drugs, medical devices, and other medical products, including Talcum powder, hip prostheses, YAZ and Yasmin oral contraceptives, SSRI anti-depressants which caused loss of life, pain pumps that irreversibly harmed shoulder cartilage, transvaginal mesh products, and against the makers of other consumer products including bicycles and camp stoves. 

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