Medical Errors and Medical Malpractice

Hospital acquired infections, defective medical devices, patient falls, blood clots, prescription errors, surgical error, delayed childbirth delivery, missed diagnosis are examples of events and outcomes that may cause serious personal injury or the tragic death of a loved one. They also constitute medical malpractice. 

Medical negligence claims can be some of the most aggressively defended, most complex, and most difficult to resolve. They require careful investigation before a lawsuit is filed, and require intelligent, experienced legal counsel at the helm. 

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Confidential settlement: Surgeon transected patient’s median nerve in carpal release surgery, causing permanent loss of function and chronic pain in dominant hand of medical professional 

Confidential settlement: Surgeon damaged patient’s phrenic nerves during two thoracic outlet release surgeries, resulting in impaired function of diaphragm and impaired breathing 

Confidential settlement: Baby born with cerebral palsy because of delays in her delivery

Confidential settlement: Delayed diagnosis of epidural abscess (spinal infection) due to pain catheter left in spine, requiring major back surgery and causing patient to lose feeling and mobility in her back 

Confidential settlement: Client’s spouse took her life after receiving false reassurance from telephone triage nurse that wife’s condition did not require imminent medical attention

  • Cerebral Palsy is an injury that occurs at birth, often due to a delay in the birthing process, permanently affecting the infant’s motor control region of the brain as well as the infant’s muscular system. It is a permanent injury—sometime even a deadly one. Delivery management is a key cause of CP.

  • Medication errors rank only behind heart disease and cancer as the third leading cause of death in the United States. A recent Johns Hopkins study estimates that more than 250,000 Americans die each year from negligent medical errors. 

  • Corrie Yackulic is highly experienced in cases involving dangerous and defective medical products. Hip and knee prosthesis, and hernia mesh have had significant failure rates. Talcum powder has been linked by reputable studies to ovarian cancer. Patient injuries as a result of dangerous and defective medical products have led to successful recalls and lawsuits. To learn more about Dangerous and Defective Products, click here

If you or a family member has been seriously injured, or died, as a result of medical negligence from a hospital, physician, nursing home, or other medical entity, or from a defective medical product, reach out to one of the leading medical negligence law firms in Seattle, Corrie Yackulic Law, for a free case evaluation