Corrie Yackulic Law 
Welcomes Attorney Referrals 
and Associations

Corrie Yackulic often associates as co-counsel with other lawyers seeking an attorney with her work ethic, experience and ability in complex personal injury law. These collaborations always work to the benefit of the clients. 

"When liability, damage or client control issues took unexpected turns I have associated with Corrie because she has the competence, courage, confidence and experience to take control of a case. Her informed decisiveness is a big asset in keeping a plaintiff's case on track. She is clearly smart, but there are a lot of intelligent lawyers that cannot maximize case value like Corrie can. When I have associated on cases with Corrie, the outcome has almost always exceeded my expectation."    
Attorney Brian K. Leonard, Seattle 

 "Corrie is one of Washington's best and brightest. I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Corrie on major cases where we obtained exceptional results— sometimes in the face of some challenging facts. Corrie is a fantastic person to associate on your cases—she is a true legal scholar, keeps a positive attitude and maintains the highest ethical standards.” 
Attorney Katy Garvin, Seattle

“I have never met a lawyer with the 
intelligence, integrity and interpersonal skills 
that Corrie offers. She is dedicated to her clients and works with an incandescent sense of purpose. Her track record and her reputation with judges are superb. Corrie never demonstrates anger, but she does demonstrate righteous indignation when her clients are the victims of injustice. She is wise and quite capable of maximizing the settlement value of all cases.”

Attorney Gary Wolfstone, Seattle

Her referral fees are generous:

“Over the past ten years, I have associated with Corrie on five cases and the range of recovery has been $750,000. to $2,000,000. She has paid me a fee on associated cases which is head and shoulders above any other law firm on the West Coast.”   Attorney Gary Wolfstone, Seattle

"Corrie is more than generous and more than gracious regarding fee splitting. I would recommend to decent, hardworking, ethical attorneys with good cases that they associate with Corrie. It is not a gift that I would want to see wasted on the undeserving.”   Attorney Brian K. Leonard

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