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NEW: Johnson & Johnson Recalls Talcum Powder After Trace Amounts Of Asbestos Found In Product

Seattle Attorney Corrie Yackulic represents individuals and families who have contracted cancer, or passed away, as the result of using Johnson and Johnson talcum powder products such as "Shower to Shower." Regarding today's news, Yackulic says, "It underscores what science has shown for years." If YOU have contracted ovarian cancer, mesothelioma, or other cancer as a result of using Johnson & Johnson talcum products, Contact CJY Law Now!

Talcum Powder and Feminine Hygiene—
and the Connection to Ovarian Cancer

St. Louis Juries Send Message to Johnson & Johnson: Talcum Products Are Dangerous, You Knew It, and You Should Have Been Warned 

Two dozen studies dating from the 1970’s document a significantly increased risk of ovarian cancer for women who consistently used Johnson and Johnson’s talcum powder, including Shower to Shower, for intimate hygiene purposes. 

Talc is a naturally occurring mineral that is widely used in cosmetics and personal care products to absorb moisture and cut down of friction. Johnson & Johnson has long promoted its talc-containing powders to adults and children for use over the whole body including in the genital area, for all-day freshness. A catchy commercial jingle reached millions of female consumers, touting “a sprinkle a day helps keep odor away.” 

Yet, more than two dozen studies dating from the early 1970’s document a significantly increased risk of ovarian cancer for women who consistently used the talcum powder for intimate personal hygiene. 

A 1971 paper noted a possible connection between ovarian cancer and talc based in part on examination of ovarian tumors. Researchers found that a majority of the tumors appeared to have particles of talc embedded in them. A study published in 1982 in the journal Cancer provided supporting research linking the powder to ovarian cancer. Since then, more than 20 studies have shown similar cause-effect relationships. 

Most recently, a 2016 paper published in the journal Epidemiology corroborates and strengthens the previous findings. The study authors examined data of over 2000 ovarian cancer cases and a similar number of “controls.” They found that overall, genital talc use increased the risk of ovarian cancer by over 30 percent, and that the risk increased with increasing years of exposure. 

$550 Million Dollar verdict in Talc-Asbestos ovarian cancer case. Read about it: Click here
Seattle Attorney Corrie Yackulic has represented women throughout Washington who suffer - sometimes fatally - from talcum related ovarian cancer. If this is you - or if you lost a close family member as a result of Johnson & Johnson talcum related ovarian cancer, contact CJY Law now.
Johnson & Johnson has known of this science for decades. Yet, it continued to promote use of its talc-containing products to women. Now, even with four juries punishing Johnson & Johnson with verdicts totaling more than $300 million dollars, the company still refuses to take responsibility for its customers’ safety by informing them of the dangers of talc use—or withdrawing these products, which provide no therapeutic benefit whatsoever, from the market. 

The thousands of women and their families who have brought these cases hope to bring Johnson & Johnson to justice and to see safeguards put in place so that in the future, women do not unknowingly place their health at grave risk. 

If you or someone you love has developed ovarian cancer after using Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder or Shower-to-Shower powder for genital hygiene, contact the Corrie Yackulic Law Firm now for a free consultation and case analysis. 

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